Thursdays is for Scouting. St. E's is our Chartering Organization. One of their responsibilities is to provide facilities for our meetings.


The 1st Thursday (after the 1st Wednesday) of each month will be the Parent, Leader, Committee (PLC) Meeting. Typically we have about 12 adults attend these meetings. The agenda is to start planning the next Pack Meeting and other upcoming events.


We are requesting that St. E's provide a single Meeting Room near the Cafeteria for the following dates from 7-8:30 PM for PLC Meetings:

08/14/2008, 09/04/2008, 10/02/2008, 11/06/2008, 12/04/2008, 01/08/2009, 02/05/2009, 03/05/2009, 04/09/2009, 05/07/2009


Our Pack Meetings will usually be the 3rd Thursday of each month. Typically we expect to have about 50 boys, their parents, & some siblings attend these meetings (total about 100 people). The agenda is gathering, opening, speaker/activity, announcements, awards, closing.


We are requesting that St. E's provide the Cafeteria for the following dates from 7-8:30 PM for Pack Meetings:

09/18/2008, 10/16/2008, 11/20/2008, 12/18/2008*, 01/29/2009, 02/26/2009 (B&G)**, 03/26/2009, 04/23/2009

* - 12/18 is Movie Night from 6:30-8:30 PM; ** - 2/26 is B&G from 6-8 PM


We'll be serving pizza again at Movie Night and the Blue & Gold (B&G) Banquet and we expect to have about 150 people each of these nights.


We are requesting the Environmental Center for our Round Up on Saturday August 23, 2-3:30 PM. I expect to have about 100 people attend. We also are requesting the Environmental Center for our Haunted Forest on Saturday October 25, 6-8 PM.


We are requesting that St. E's provide the Cafeteria for our Pinewood Derby registration & race on Friday February 6, 7-8:30 PM and Saturday February 7, 9 AM-12 noon.


Den Meetings will be on the remaining Thursdays. Den Meetings will include 8-10 boys per Den and their parents.


We are requesting that St. E's provide as many Meeting Rooms as possible (we'll have 7 Dens) for the following dates for our Den Meetings, 7-8:30 PM:

08/28/2008, 09/11/2008, 09/25/2008, 10/09/2008, 10/23/2008, 10/30/2008, 11/13/2008, 12/11/2008, 01/15/2009, 01/22/2009, 02/12/2009, 02/19/2009, 03/12/2009, 03/19/2009, 04/16/2009, 04/30/2009, 05/14/2009

NOTE: the Scout Room is not big enough to accommodate our Pack Meetings and probably would only accommodate one Den for Den Meetings


We are also requesting that we be penciled in for the Environmental Center on these dates for 2nd Year Webelos Den Meetings.


Other dates of note:

Wednesdays (1st Wed. each month) => Round Table (Waynedale UMC)

??? 08/??/2008 => Miami Round Table Kickoff

Tuesday 08/19/2008 => Popcorn Kernel Meeting (Marriott)

Wednesday 08/20/2008 => 1st day of school

Saturday 09/20/2008 => Popcorn Sale Kickoff

Saturday 10/04/2008 => Zoo Day

Saturday 10/25/2008 => University of Scouting (IPFW)

Thursday 11/27/2008 => Thanksgiving

Friday 12/05/2008 => Tobogganing (Pokagon)

Saturday 12/13/2008 => Christmas Caroling (Renaissance Village)

Mon-Fri 03/30/2009-04/03/2009 => Spring Break

Sunday 04/12/2009 => Easter

Sat/Sun 05/16-17/2009 => Family Campout (Camp Lutherhaven)


The tentative calendar is at our website (


THANKS to ALL for anything you can do to help accommodate the dates that we need for our meetings.




Jim Krzyzanowski

Pack 3333 Committee Chairman/Advancements Chairman

2319 Cerreia Way

Fort Wayne, IN 46814-8869

(H) 260.616.0224 * (C) 260.403.5957 * (W) 260.429.6446

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