Pack 3333 Leaders,


It would be great if all the Den Leaders had a tentative plan scheduled out for the entire year of Den Meetings.  You can come up with your own plan by looking through the ideas in the Program Helps.  Our Pack does follow the themes except for February (Blue & Gold Banquet).  OR, you can follow the suggested plan on the inside cover of the Program Helps.  OR, you can try out the "Fast Tracks" program:


NOTE: This is NOT the Trax programs that we use to keep track of advancements.  "Fast Tracks" has a plan for every single Den Meeting that would allow ALL boys to advance by Blue & Gold Banquet if they attend all Den Meetings.


The Webelos Dens should be using "Plan B" from the Webelos Leader Guide.  A few years ago, I put "Plan B" on our website with links to every Webelos Activity Badge:


I ended up requesting facilities from both Deer Ridge & Whispering Meadows.  I have not heard back from them yet.  I do expect Deer Ridge to give us most dates we ask for.  Here is the Facility Request page at our website showing the dates of Den Meetings.  It does need to be updated.  I only entered the Dens at the various locations tentatively.


All leaders, and even parents should take Youth Protection Training EACH year.  It is available online and only takes about 30 minutes:


All leaders should take the "Cub Scout Leader Fast Start" training for their position (at least once); also available online at the website listed above.


All leaders need to take something called "New Leader Essentials" and "Cub Scout Leader Specific Training" (at least once).  "New Leader Essentials" are offered on a Saturday morning.  "Cub Scout Leader Specific Training" is offered on a Saturday afternoon.  I believe they will be given on September 20.  They will also be offered at University of Scouting on Saturday October 25.  A version of this training will also be given at the September Round Table Wednesday September 3, 7-8:30 PM @ Waynedale United Methodist Church.


Jim K.


Jim Krzyzanowski
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